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3D printer product supplementary material
The method for measurement of the soundproofing effect and result
Method for measurement
Common sound-level meter
Rion NL-42
Measurable level
25db - 130db
Measurement subject 1
Timer for dishes
Measurement subject 2
Buzzer for crime prevention
1.Volume measures volume for the measurement in a bare state
2.I measure the agenda in the state that I covered with a pouch guard silencer
3.I compare the change of the volume
  Distance 40cm from an object sound source to a sound-level meter
Result of a measurement
A timer for dishes is in a bare state            76dB (decibel)
         Pouch guard silencer use    Difference of the 53dB volume       ー 23dB
Security buzzer    Bare state           107dB
         Pouch guard silencer use    Difference of the 82dB volume       ー 25dB
With timer packing tape for dishes to the volume small        60dB
         Pouch guard silencer use    Difference of the 44dB volume       ー 16dB
A decibel is a relative unit at a unit of volume about unit of volume dB (decibel), and 0dB is limit, 6dB of the hearing ability of the person, and 3 times, 60dB is one thousand times, and double, 10dB is volume of the conversations of the general person. 80dB is 10,000 times, and the sound of the alarm clock seems to be this. Therefore, I am that it is increased 10 times when, for example, 40dB becomes 60dB.
 Because a difference of negative 23dB (about 20dB) was a crime prevention buzzer, and a difference of negative 25dB appeared with a timer for dishes in the volume investigation mentioned above, a one-tenth volume would be as follows with a timer for dishes. More effects are over the security buzzer. In the case of a timer for dishes which held one side volume in check, it is negative 16dB. An effect seems to be given as megavolume. In the case of a real gas sound, I think that, if anything, the case that held down volume with packing tape than the bare state of the timer for dishes (slightly bigger conversation degree of the person from 60dB) is near. Because it is a thing called the silence, I think that it becomes a one-sixth or around a one-seventh when it is 16dB to a one-third in negative 10dB. There is an official calculating formula, but it is hard for some reason.
 However, I think that it may be said that it is the volume that a person cannot almost hear when I consider that a pouch really wears clothes from a thing and the top blocking up the exit to some extent because the volume is a whispering of the people as a one-sixth 44dB, and only a sound to fall out from under a pouch overpass has nothing to do.
 The thickness (inner wall) of the pouch guard tried 25mm, the length width at 80.90.100mm, but was an approximately similar result. I tried 70mm, but 4-5db. results were bad. a difference of negative 15dB was over only plastic in (there is no soundproofing). I tried even a pouch to a timer for dishes, but it was good and did not understand it about this result. I might withdraw, or 1 - 2dB might become rather big. When a sound is amplified in the case of a fact by a pouch, there may be it.
I come back to the page of one of the cause
Measurement subject 3
Timer for dishes
(the state that held volume in check with packing tape)
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